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Watch out for more giveaways coming soon. The timing is fantastic, actually, because this week is Banned Book Week.  Did you realize books are *still* being banned all over the place? Seems unreal to me but it happens all. the. time.

My opinion on the matter is pretty simple: it sucks. But, I consider myself a fan of the Constitution. And the free-marketplace of ideas (ironically, many people who ban books align themselves with these two concepts, too). 

If you "hear" a book contains material you find questionable, then it's your right not to read it. Similarly, it's my right to choose to read it. Because that's what it's about. The. Freedom. To. Choose.

I've never *ever* understood the political argument for banning books. For one thing, those who seek to do the banning are often on the side of the line that touts "the Constitution" and a "return to the ideals of the framers."

Well, it's quite clear that the framers intended for freedom of the press to take precedence. You know, cause they put it FIRST. Do you think it's a coincidence that some of the first lines of the foundation of our country are: "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;"
I sure don't! (And I don't think that's just the j-schooler in me, either)

Further, the same people who advocate to ban books (see Prof. S of SW MO) often used this flawed logic: I don't want people telling my children what they must read but I'm perfectly comfortable telling other people what they can't read.

Anyway, in honor of Banned Book Week I will be posting on some of my FAVORITE banned books this week. And I challenge you to pick up a "banned book" and read it. 

Last night my daughter and I read Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See. Seems the book was banned in Jan. 2010 by the Texas Board of Ed. Seriously. (Apparently the beloved children's author shares a name with an obscure Marxist theorist--- which points out the obvious, right? The TX Board of Ed has NO business banning books; rather, those people need to READ MORE).

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