break on through to the other side

I think I've *finally* got my next wip in motion. WOO hoo! I cannot tell you how creatively crippled I've felt for the past month or so. Plenty of factors, I suppose, but it's really frustrating for me because I don't really believe in writer's block or at least, I don't like to allow myself the luxury of being "blocked." Too many ideas and too little time!

But anyway. Now I'm on a roll and I think I will officially start letting the words flow tomorrow. Meep!

Here's a photographic collage of what I'm working on:

I'm seriously equal parts excited and scared $hitless by this one!

Anyone else starting a new wip? How's it going so far? Still in the honeymoon phase? Or have you moved onto the teen years? ;)


  1. Woohoo, so glad you got your writing mojo back. Mine is luke warm at the moment. I've finally got a semi-decent plot for my kids book, but having trouble getting the words to flow properly. Been re-reading the beginning a wrote in hopes that it will get me back into the MC's voice. Love the picture collage! They're so much fun. Maybe I should do one of those for inspiration...

  2. Me, me, me! I'm with you on starting something in its infancy. And knowing your pace, you'll leave me in the dust (word count wise) pretty quick! But I'm really glad you got the creativity block outta the way!


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