best of '11: day 1

Welcome to  day 1 of the fabulous end-of-the-year

YA BLoGgEr CiRcuS o' FuN
Best of 2011 

Hosted/prompted by the ever fabulous Sarah Enni wherein a bunch of YA writers and enthusiasts got together to throw down our TOP 5's of 2011 (or TOP 5 "new to you" of 2011)!

Today's topic: TUNES

So check it. Since this blog circus reminds me of another famous "top five" list maker, I felt it only fitting that I include him. Well.... sorta.

Lloyd Dobler & John Cusack will forever be one in the same to me which means
that through the transitive property, Lloyd laid down his faves in High Fidelity.

I listen to LOTS of music while I write and I make playlists specific to manuscripts, to scenes, even very specific moods (ex: haunting, smouldering, sexy-time, angst, fight club etc.). Most of my playlists are on Spotify (lrothculli-- holla!).

However, if I had to pick the TOP 5 albums I listen to either in their entirety or that I pull from for my playlists, in 2011 they were as follows:

1. Barton Hollow, The Civil Wars. Sah-freaking-woon. "Poison & Wine" is pretty much guaranteed to change your life.

2. Lungs, Florence + the Machine. Got to see her open for U2 this summer and it was glorious. And husband disagrees with me, but I maintain that her version of "Hospital Beds" is better than (gasp!) the original (Sorry, Cold War Kids).

Bonus: that is some kick @$$ album art

3. The King is Dead, the Decemberists. Oh how I adore them. Is it because Colin Meloy is himself a pubbed (MG) author and MFAer? Perhaps. Or perhaps it's because no one else can successfully insert "Andalusian" into their lyrics without sounding like a douche.

4. Ceremonials, Florence + the Machine. Guess who's back? But...."Bedroom Hymns." BLAM.

My favorite red-head of the moment.... well, after myself I guess.

5. Easy A the Soundtrack. My other top 5ers are all sort of heavy and intense but Easy A is just pure fun and since the movie is pretty much a YA novel in film form, it's probably fitting, right?

How about you? Any favorite go-to writing tunes?

Psssst! Also, make sure to check out who else is playing along:

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  1. The John Cusak art is making my life. He makes all kinds of Top 5 lists for me ;) And I love your music, as you know!! Civil Wars, Decemberists (did you hear they're coming out with a live album??) and FLORENCE! *goes to hang with Lindsey on Spotify*


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