best of '11: day 4

Today's Topic is..... (take it away, John)

The Top Five Books you recommended the most this year.

Well, this is tricky because I recommend a LOT of books to a lot of people for a lot of reasons.  Sometimes, because people ask me for recs for a very specific type of reader. Often, because I'm nosy and opinionated and I have no qualms butting in (casually, of course) to conversations. Mostly, I recommend books I've loved and/or fell confident that others will love as well.

So the five books I found myself recommending the most were:

1) The Hunger Games trilogy. Still. I have hand-sold so many copies of this series that people at Barnes & Noble think I work there. Because I guess I kind of do.

2) The Night Circus. It is, by all accounts, a simply gorgeous book (gorgeous prose of course, but gorgeous book design, too. it's one of those books that wants to be held). It also appeals to a wide range of readers.

3) Room by Emma Donoghue. Five year-old narrator who's spent his entire life in a 11 x 11 shed? How can you not want to know more about that?!?

4) Ashes by Ilsa J Bick.  Hot dang is it a gripping, pulse-pounding, edge of your seat read. And anyone who's read it knows that the ride is FAR from over when you turn that last page. Meep!

5) Divergent by our own blog circus participant Veronica Roth. It's a go-to recommendable book that young people I know universally adore (and feel very protective of, I might add). Plus, I'm from Illinois and a lot of my family friends buy for teens who live in/around Chi-town and they all seem to sort of love the idea of jumping off the skyscrapers*. (WHICH is dangerous! You'll break your neck! And also can you tell I'm so *not* Dauntless?)

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* Incidentally, a friend of mine from high school did launch herself off of a Chicago skyscraper (the Wit Hotel) this year in the name of Respiratory Health. No, seriously. And if you're interested and in the Chicago area on May 6, 2012, and ahem, dauntless, you could do it, too.


  1. THE HUNGER GAMES, ROOM, and DIVERGENT are among my most frequently recommended books as well! And I need to read ASHES. I've heard great things!

  2. I am SO glad you recommended ASHES to me! That book made one long plane flight a very INTENSE one! And I love all these other books too, though I haven't gotten to ROOM yet. CUSAK!!


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