book reccomendations?

Guys. I'm getting ready for a loooooong drive in the next week (and change) + some holiday down time and I need some book recs STAT as my kindle is all dried up. Well, it isn't dried up so much as everything on there =  read. My TBR "pile" is non-existent (for the first time in a really long time!).

Last Christmas I read Winter's Bone (LOVE) and Anna and the French Kiss (LOVE) and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (LOVE) so the bar has been set. :P 

Anything you read lately that just knocked your socks off? Any genre will do. Fiction, non-fiction, YA... As you can probably tell, my tastes are eclectic.

Thanks to my e-reader + my collection of ARCs from ALA, I've plowed through over 150 books this year. But like a proper addict, I need MOAR.


  1. I'm reading The Iron King right now and I'm really enjoying it. I'm not sure if I'll continue on (it's a series), but it's helped me get through a rough couple of weeks (I love books as escapism!).

  2. How do you recommend a book to someone who has no TBR pile? haha. srsly, i'd rec somethig, but i'm guessing you've probably read the all and seeing as how my TBR pile consists of about 100 titles, yeah. I'm REALLY behind on my reading.


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