the lion sleeps tonight

Just try to watch it without smiling.


10 things that are younger than the world wide web

1. i....things

2. A Wall-less Berlin

3. Some little blue pills

4. This show

5. And this one

6. The Czech Republic

7. Hybrid cars

8. This guy.

9. Her, too. 

10. Obviously. This and every other website you visit on the regular.  

In short, Happy Birthday, World Wide Web! Who else is feeling old? 

not-so-national novel writing month?

Every year I hope/plan to attempt to mount the NaNo challenge and every year I'm reminded that November is quite possibly one of the worst months to try and crank out 50,000 words (the only worse one would probably be December). I still managed the feat last year but this year I had other things on my proverbial plate. Like say, impending childbirth. 

Enter: February. That gloriously dull month known by its snow days, cold weather, and relentless reminder in the form of an alliterative rodent that spring is still many moons away. The month is practically begging us to curl up with our laptops for an extra hour or two a day and crank out some words. 

Now, I realize February is also a bit shorter than November so daily word count goals have to be a little higher to hit that 50K mark but still, at least this year, February is where it's at for me. And so this month I will attempt to mount the challenge: fifty thousand words or roughly one shitty first draft. Since I spent almost all of last year revising-mode, it feels good to be cranking out words again even if it is slightly terrifying and I find myself constantly wondering if I even remember *how* to write a novel. 

Despite the nagging self-doubt, my count is already over 2,000 and as a bonus, I've got a pretty solid outline (Hello my name is Lindsey and I am NOT a pantser) to boot! 


So first off, mega congrats to one Stephanie Kuehn on the Morris Award!! 

Lunch yesterday at a ALA Midwinter. I guess we were pre-celebrating. :) 

goodbye, 2013. Hello, 2014

So it may not have been "my year" in the ways I'd hoped but it was still a pretty good year. And I completed a WIP to boot! ;) 

My WIP. This one took approximately 9 months. ;) 

Last year, I had some lofty goals in mind for what I wanted to accomplish personally and professionally, but those goals were entirely too dependent on other people and elements far beyond my control which, I think, leads to frustration at best, an existential crisis at worst. 

So this year I've decided to simplify and I'm putting this down here so I can look back and hopefully keep on track. 

1) Learn to and actually follow a budget (I'm TERRIBLE at this and it drives my thrifty husband nuts. I'm trying YNAB so finger crossed this works for my, ahem, laissez-faire style). Budgets aren't very sexy, but in my head I know they're necessary and we've got some rather large expenditures coming down the pike in the next year or two. 

2) Finish a damn manuscript. So much of 2013 was about revising (which has become my favorite!) that I feel like I've sort of forgotten how to write a book? So I want to finish a shitty first draft. Hopefully it doesn't take me the whole year, but I'm not setting a specific timeline. (See: completed WIP)

3) Concentrate on being in the moment. I feel like so much of 2013 was spent looking forward (again, see: completed WIP) that I had a difficult time just being present in the moment. 

4) What would new year goals be without something health-related? ;) I want to walk more. And now that I have an excuse to push a stroller again, I think this is an attainable goal. Specifically, I'd like to walk to pick up my kiddo #1 from school a few times a week (~3 mile round trip). Not really possible with the polar vortex crazy going on, but soon, I hope. 

Do you have any goals this year? How do you keep yourself on track/accountable? And have you ever made a new year's goal/ resolution and actually kept it? How'd you do it?  (secrets/tips? SPILL THEM)